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Download and Install Sametime Meeting Extensions
This page contains downloads for the IBM® Lotus® Sametime® meeting integrator for Microsoft® Outlook, IBM Lotus Sametime Print Capture, and any other downloads added by your administrator.

Sametime Meeting Integrator for Microsoft Outlook
The Sametime meeting integrator for Microsoft Outlook lets you schedule and attend Sametime meetings directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar entries. When you install this feature, you see a new Sametime tab in your Outlook appointments, which you can use to set up Sametime online meetings with any Outlook appointments.

Download Sametime meeting integrator for Microsoft Outlook

See the Installation Instructions for Sametime meeting integrator for Microsoft Outlook for information on how to install this extension.

Print Capture
Print Capture is a "virtual printer" that allows you to convert files for display in the Sametime Meeting Room. Print Capture converts supported application files into Sametime files (.fst extension) instead of printing them on a piece of paper.

Use Print Capture before you add a file in the following circumstances:

  • When you need to add a file that is not supported by the automatic file conversion process. See Print Capture Help in the Sametime User's guide.
  • When you need to configure the color, size, orientation, or resolution of the file to meet your specific needs.
  • When you need to display images that are much larger than your screen. When you shrink large images to fit the size of your screen, you lose the fine details of the image. Print Capture solves this problem by allowing you to display large images at full resolution.

Download Print Capture